Mycom Industrial Screw Compressor Packages


MYCOM are the number one screw compressor manufacturer in the world. Mycom have developed the ultimate screw compressor which is at the heart of all Mycom screw packages.

Designed and manufactured by MYCOM, the “V” series has many superb features. These work together to obtain maximum performance, ease of   operation and suberb duability and reliability.

Models from 125 mm (140 cfm) to 400 mm (5,760 cfm) diameter to meet all of your requirements (based on 3550 RPM compressor speed).


A newly developed MYCOM “O” profile is used in the “V” series screw compressors. Higher efficiency is achieved by reducing the inter-lobe blow-by gas. This profile also facilitates a build up of oil film on the rotor lobe surface by the circular arc profile rather than the conventional raised sealing edge.


“V” series compressors have the capability of being able to change the Vi (internal volume ratio) whenever required. Manually adjustable Vi is standard (fully automatic variable Vi is available as an option). The applicable range is from 2.6 to 5.8 (2.2 to 5.0 as an option). Optimum Vi can be set at the factory prior to shipment if required.


The hydraulically operated slide valve regulates the capacity of the compressor from 10% to 100%. Part load efficiency is improved on the “V” series compressors.


MYCOM screw compressor housings are low porosity cast iron (cast steel is also an option)  designed in compliance with ANSI/ ASHRAE 15-1994. The compressor assembly is hydraulically tested at 350 psig after assembly.


MYPRO microprocessor control panels are designed specifically to provide for equipment safety and efficient manual and automatic control of the MYCOM series compressor units. In addition, the MYPRO has built-in diagnostic, unit setup and configuration, service and data-acquisition features, including trending and alarm and failure logs. Also available are demand-based Automatic     Compressor Staging, Condenser Control and Power Utilization sensing which makes the MYPRO a key component in energy management systems. Network-based communications in several configurations and protocols are available in the MYPRO for both local and remote monitoring and control of the compressor unit.

Other Features include:

    • Frequency Inverter Driven Motors (VSD)
    • Duty Standby Oil Filters
    • ‘Yosaku’ Liquid Injection Controls
    • Start Up Motor Current Limiter
    • True PID Capacity Controls
    • Display Contrast Viewing Adjustments
    • Chiller Temperature Capacity Controls
    •  Economizer Controls