Industrial Liquid Chiller Packages

Packaged Industrial Fluid Chillers by Mycom

Innovative Low Charge Ammonia Dry Expansion System

Design Features Include…

  • Direct Expansion System
  • Low Refrigerant Charge
  • Environmentally & Ecologically Friendlly
  • High Efficiency – Low Power Consumption
  • Choice of Refrigerants including Ammonia, CO2, R404A, R134A, R410A
  • Water Cooler or Air Cooled Versions available
  • Ammonia Compatible Compressor oil (no complex oil return systems)
  • Close Control of Leaving Fluid Temperatures
  • Wide Operating Temperature range
  • Dual Temperature Chillers
  • Adsorbtion Chillers
  • Cascade System Chillers
  • Ultra Low Temperature Chillers
  • Heat Pump Applications
  • Explosion Proof or Intrinsically Safe Chiller Packages available
  • Custom Designed & Built to meet with your exact Requirements